About Us
Entry Parking Posts is a well established UK company specialising in manufacture of traffic control equipment, spike barriers, ALLIGATOR TEETH and traffic direction restrictors which are superior in design and performance to conventional traffic flow plate. We also make height restriction barriers, raising arm barriers and the HZ swing barrier for traffic control as well as traffic calming ramps and bollards in steel and oak.

Traffic Direction Enforcement
ALLIGATOR TEETH systems are suitable for all types of vehicles combined with a high volume flow of one way traffic control even against HGVs  and 4 x 4s. Different types are available for specific use. depending on requirement of control - from security spike barrier to the wider ALLIGATOR JAWS and ALLIGATOR TEETH for car parks and site access.

At Entry Parking Posts we strive to maintain our well established reputation for QUALITY, RELIABILITY and PERSONAL SERVICE.

Contact Us by telephone or fax on 01564 773188 or email entryparkingpost@aol.com

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